Speakers, topics, and handouts for the 2005-2006 Stanford Math Circle sessions appear in the table below. Practice problems for each talk can be downloaded by clicking the pencil icon in the last column. Also follow the links for additional material.
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Fall 2005 session

Date Speaker Title and Topic
September 18 Sam Vandervelde Problem solving for polyglots
(Great questions with a twist)
September 25 Sam Vandervelde George Bush is Saturday's child
October 2 Sam Vandervelde The integers squared
(Gaussian integers)
October 16 Lenny Ng Platonic relationships
(Solid geometry)
October 23 Sam Vandervelde Fall math games
, Team Question
October 30 Lenny Ng Coffee and Donuts
November 6 Tom Davis ... 3, 2, 1 and you're done!
Induction and Computability worksheets
November 13 Tom Davis More than just dots and lines
(Graph theory)
November 20 Ted Alper Coloring in the lines
(Ramsey theory)
November 27 Ted Alper The other AP test
(Van der Waerden's theorem)
December 4 Sam Vandervelde Rotations that will make your head spin
(Complex numbers and geometry)
December 11 Sam Vandervelde Napolean's secret love
(More complex numbers and geometry)
Fall ice cream social

Winter 2006 session

Date Speaker Title and Topic
January 8 Tatiana Shubin 1 line = 3 points!?
(Finite geometries)
January 15 Tatiana Shubin Euclid meets Pascal
(Geometric combinatorics)
January 22 Sam Vandervelde Mathematical beauty contest
(The golden mean)
January 29 Sam Vandervelde In the Zome
(The mathematics behind Zome tools)
February 5 Sam Vandervelde Sneaky segments
(Number theory rescues probability) Slides
February 12 Paul Zeitz Some numbers have all the luck
(Probability examines number theory)
February 19 Sam Vandervelde

Winter film fest
(“Not Knot” and “The Proof”)

February 26 Ben Brubaker p-culiar numbers
(Primes) Slides
March 5 Sam Vandervelde My favorite integer triangles
(Trigonometry proves to be useful)
AIME practice session
March 12 Art Benjamin Proofs That Really Count
BAMO awards ceremony
March 19 Joshua Zucker No boys next to girls
(Introduction to counting)
March 26 Joshua Zucker The lemma that is not Burnside's
(Tres cool counting techniques)
End of year pizza party