Snack sign up

We really appreciate the snack volunteers. Just ask the students and their papers :)
To sign up, send me an email:  .
Or if you are at a meeting, just write your name and email address on
this form which will be on the snack table.

Fall 2008 session Winter 2009 session
Date Volunteer Date Volunteer
14-Sep Subadra / Kaavyaj 11-Jan  
21-Sep Paul Mennen 18-Jan  
28-Sep Ashvin Swaminathan 25-Jan  
5-Oct jrang (at) 1-Feb  
12-Oct Hoa Dinh               hoa_dinh(at) 8-Feb  
19-Oct   1-Mar  
26-Oct   8-Mar  
2-Nov   15-Mar  
9-Nov   22-Mar  
16-Nov   29-Mar  
23-Nov   5-Apr  
7-Dec Maria Stone        maria.stone(at) 12-Apr  
14-Dec Paul Mennen    

  • If you sign up, but later find out you can't come, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find an alternate.
  • Please bring the snack to the table outside of room 380C by around 2pm. If I don't see anything by around 2:30 I will try to find someone to go out and get something and failing that I will go out myself if I can.
  • I will put out the snack on the table at around 2:50 to be ready for when the guest speaker calls for a break. If you are there, feel free to help with this and with the clean up afterwards, but this is not a big deal in either case.
  • Thanks again for helping!
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