Laurens Gunnarsen, Co-director:  I am delighted to be joining the Stanford Math Circle team as a co-director. Since Paul has expressed the desire to reduce his time commitments, I will eventually be taking over as full director. In the mean time feel free to contact either or both of us with your questions about the math circle. I look forward to getting to know you better and to share your enjoyment in the discovery of great mathematics. I can be reached at   .

Paul Mennen, Co-director:  I am always interested in hearing from students or parents regarding any aspect of the math circle. If you have any favorite topics or favorite speakers you would like to see invited, or have any other questions or comments, please send me mail at  . (Put the phrase math circle somewhere in the subject line to aviod my spam filter.) Also let me know if you have any questions about donations to the math circle, the financial status, or speaker honorariums and other expenses. You can find out more about Paul at his home page.

Ravi Vakil, Stanford faculty sponsor:  We are grateful to Ravi, who has arranged for Stanford to host these events. We would not be able to hold our meetings on the beautiful Stanford campus without his help. You can find out more about Ravi at his home page.


To make a tax-deductible donation to the Stanford Math Circle, please contribute through the Art of Problem Solving Foundation. You can donate using your credit card by following their instructions. Remember to type Stanford Math Circle into the designation box.

If you prefer to write a check you can use their donation form to mail in your contribution or you can even hand your check to me (Paul) and I will make sure it gets deposited properly. Make your check payable to The Art of Problem Solving Foundation and NOT to the Stanford Math Circle. Money collected provides a modest honorarium for our invited speakers and funds special events and our end-of-session math circle parties. For more details, see our financial statement. (I will be updating the financial statement soon.)